Meredith O'Connell

Lab Tech Coordinator, University at Albany


Meredith O'Connell, Lab Tech Coordinator, University at Albany

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Why I want to be a Protege:
I hope to grow as a professional, explore paths that could lead to a Master's Degree, and become more aware of the opportunities of the Research Foundation. My previous job was at a nonprofit with only a couple hundred employees. The climate was warm and friendly, but not necessarily professional. I am looking for an example of positive office behavior to emulate. Graduate school is something I plan on pursuing in the near future. Participating in the mentorship program would allow me to explore other roles of the Research Foundation and opportunities within the realm of education that would lead me in the direction of graduate programs of study. My current plan is to obtain a Master's in Public Administration with a concentration in Education. Finally, I would like to learn about the different departments and professional teams within the Research Foundation. 

Personal Statement:
I graduated from The Catholic University of America in May 2016. Though I studied Anthropology, I was looking for a career that I would find meaningful and would have a positive impact of the lives of others. Upon graduation, I participated in a year long service project with the Lutheran Volunteer Corps. I taught Digital Literacy to Adult English Language Learners. It was that role that led me to my current position as a Lab Tech Coordinator in an ATTAIN Lab. I know education is my passion; however, I also know a traditional classroom does not suit me. The Research Foundation, specifically UCAWD, has given me the opportunity to work in education in a capacity that not only supports and encourages participants, but myself as well.

Within the next year, I am planning on obtaining certifications in all software offered in the ATTAIN Lab. These include; Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access. Certifications in QuickBooks and as a Microsoft Technology Associate. My intermediate goal, is to increase participation in the ATTAIN Lab. Our yearly goal is 250, but we did not reach this last year. In the next three years or so, I would like to not only reach our goal of 250, but surpass it by at least 75 participants. Finally, my long term goal is to find myself in a more administrative role within UCAWD or a different department within the Research Foundation.

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