Leslie Rurup

Front Desk Intake Coordinator, Stony Brook University


Leslie Rurup, Front Desk Intake Coordinator, Stony Brook University

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Why I want to be a Protege:
Having been in my current position for 23 years, if I wished to leave for a better-paying position, I have no idea what other entities are looking for in a professional Support Staffer.

Personal Statement:
I had 20 years at Grumman Aerospace in Shipping/Traffic, then Materiel Control. When I was RIF'd in 1993 (when Northrop took over, more than 60% of us lost our jobs to incoming Northrop transferees) I was enrolled in a Displaced Worker Program, where I learned to be a Medical Assistant. Great job, terrible pay. Left after 3 years. Came to the SBDC 23 years ago, and have been here ever since. My interests are my husband (of 33 years,) my 2 sons (28 & 21,) CERT (Community Emergency Response Team,) church, and geek culture.

(1) More knowledge of the systems and resources (tuition reimbursement, tuition-free classes, etc., here on campus); (2) find out what other departments expect from their Support Staffers, re: skills, abilities, education (especially the differences between State and RF, and why.) (3) what the Mentor sees as what is lacking in me, and what I could/should do to be a more desirable Support Staffer.

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