Klarisse Torriente

Prison Education Coordinator, SUNY System Admin


Klarisse Torriente, Prison Education Coordinator, SUNY System Administration

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Why I want to be a Protege:
I joined SUNY Systems and Administration in March 2018 as their Prison Education Coordinator. In this role I am responsible for SUNY's part of the Criminal Justice Investment Initiative, a five year project funded by the District Attorney of New York. I am also responsible for engaging SUNY campuses, faculty, and staff in effort to create more college in prison programs, while leveraging SUNY Student Support Initiatives to adequately serve the currently incarcerated and previously incarcerated students throughout New York State. I am an avid believer in the dignity of all human beings and is a fervent advocate for prison reform, homelessness mitigation and prevention, and access to mental health services. I possess seven years' experience in human services, advocacy, and community organizing. I was a policy fellow for the Center for Women in Government through Rockefeller College.

Personal Statement:
I really want to keep challenging myself to become a better person, leader, and academic than I was yesterday. I really would like a mentor from a diverse background. I was the first one in my nuclear family to get a college degree, my parents are 1st generation in this country, and I never in my life had the traditional academic experience. I have always had to work multiple jobs to stay afloat and hustle my way into spaces where I want to be. I really would like a mentor who can support me and understand where I am coming from, yet challenge me to be better.

better time management (short-term), JD (intermediate), change agent (long-term)

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