Dominique Luke

Program Operations Associate, SUNY CAWD


Dominique Luke, Program Operations Associate, SUNY CAWD

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Why I want to be a Protege:
I was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY migrating to Albany to achieve my scholastic goals at SUNY Albany. I am personable with an inviting spirit and an enthusiasm about life. I live life with a positive perspective and decide to look at the brighter side of any given situation. It is important to uphold my integrity and professional image. I am quite the communicator which aligns with my degrees in Communications. I enjoy lively conversations with intelligent individuals stimulate my thinking about abstract or complex topics especially in the field of education. As a child being raised by Guyanese parents, I was raised that God, family, and education are the highest ideals. These principles are embedded in my career goals of obtaining a position of purpose in the field of education, as I believe that achieving education attainment can be life-changing. It is especially important for me make a difference in communities of color.

Personal Statement:
I am very honest about my shortfalls as am on a journey of constant and never ending improvement. I hope this program will provide me with the opportunity to enhance my current skill sets and develop my mindset as I plan for the future. I hope to be guided with steps to take in order to reach goals and/or build resources while I'm on the path. The feedback I will receive through this program is necessary in my journey to achieving my goals.

Short term: Plan large scale events for my office and other planning projects; Intermediate plan: be promoted to more senior position; Long term: Apply for Director level positions.

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