Dilek Ulukaya

Administrative Analyst, SUNY System Admin / Charter School Institute


Dilek Ulukaya, Administrative Analyst, SUNY System Administration/Charter Schools Institute

Mentored By:  

Why I want to be a Protege:
I would like work with my mentor to improve the areas that will help me to advance into a leadership role within the Research Foundation or the SUNY System Administration. I would like to learn and apply new skills to the work I do now and carry the skill with me to the next level.

Personal Statement:
I grew up in Istanbul, Turkey. Before I joined the RF, I acted as an executive director for the Chobani Foundation for four years. I recently graduated with a Masters of Public Administration from Rockefeller College at Suny at Albany with a concentration in policy, politics and institutions. I am very interested in institutional management in higher education and nonprofits. I love to cook Turkish food for people around me.

Improved communications skills, becoming an expert at what I do, a promotion and a leadership position.

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