Christine Guyette

HR Data & Reporting Analyst, SUNY System Admin


Christine Guyette, HR Data & Reporting Analyst, SUNY System Administration

Mentored By:  

Why I want to be a Protege:
I am hoping to meet a mentor that can serve as a guide and help me build on my presentation/ public speaking and emotional intelligence skills, as well as learn to creatively solve problems. I would also like to learn to build relationships with diverse employees throughout the organization. I had two mentors at my first job out of college that served very different roles in my life and I am not sure I would be where I am today without them. They helped me develop my professional skills while trying to find a career path that suited my skills/ interests and guided me to projects that benefit the organization (and allowed me to share my knowledge with other). I have worked at SUNY for less than a year, so I think meeting new people through this program and having someone more experienced to help along the way would be very beneficial.

Personal Statement:
I enjoy spending time with family and friends hiking, biking and playing board games/ video games.

Learn more about the organization (and how my current role fits into that), build my technical skills (programming/ data analysis) and figure out how to grow/ learn/ share my knowledge within SUNY

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