Bryan Bee

Senior Education Specialist, University at Albany


photo of Bryan Bee

Mentored By:  

Why I want to be a Protege:
My goal for the mentoring program is to develop a plan for professional growth and my career trajectory, as well as to gain and hone leadership skills. I believe I am able to succeed in a management/leadership role, however I know that I need to develop me skills before I can do that. I want to work with a mentor who has already been successful in such a role, to learn about what areas I still need to work on, how to improve the skills I already have, and ways to demonstrate the skills that I have.

Personal Statement:
Aside from work-related experience, I am a father to a 1-year-old son, husband, musician (playing several instruments, including tuba, trombone, drums, and bass guitar), avid hockey fan and occasional hockey player. For work, I have worked for the Professional Development Program delivering training and developing curricula for almost two years now, and prior to this I was a teacher in public schools and had other training/adult learning experience. Outside of my work with the RF, I have been heavily involved in leadership at my church (both formally and informally) for the past five years.

Short term- Determine a career trajectory at the RF/PDP; Intermediate- Begin working toward advancement to a supervisory/management level position; Long term- determine what post-grad level programs available to me will be most beneficial for my professional development and begin work on such programs.

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