Andrew Kenyon

Compliance Analyst, RF Central Office


Andrew Kenyon, Compliance Analyst, RF Central Office

Mentored By:  

Why I want to be a Protege:
I just started a new job in the Office of Compliance Services. This is a career change for me, and the Mentoring Program is a great and timely opportunity to help facilitate this transition. I'm introverted by disposition and see this as an ideal way to integrate more with the RF community and build skills that will be helpful in my new position.

Personal Statement:
Although I'm brand new to the Central Office I've been with the RF for more than twelve years at SUNY Press, where I started as an editorial assistant and moved up to Senior Acquisitions Editor working on the Press's philosophy program. For fun I enjoy spending time with my family, reading, jogging, and hiking.

Short term: Become comfortable with and competent at my new position in Compliance. Intermediate: Earn Certified Compliance & Ethics Professional (CCEP) certification and begin to acquire expertise in a particular area of Compliance. Long term: Nothing specific here. I hope to be in a position that is challenging and fulfilling.

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