Credit Cards Programs: How to Establish a Citibank Visa Business Travel Account

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October 17, 2016




Megan Jacomine

Basis for Procedure

The Research Foundation (RF) offers an optional Citibank Visa Business Travel Account (BTA) for operating locations. The purpose of the program is to provide an efficient method for specific travel agencies to bill airline and rail tickets directly to an operating location's central RF business office. The RF, as a non-state agency, has approval from the New York State (NYS) Comptroller's Office and Office of General Services (OGS) to use the NYS Air Travel Contract along with a BTA.

Procedure Summary

This document describes how to establish a Citibank Visa Business Travel account.


Overview of a BTA

This type of "ghost account" (with no plastic card issued) is used exclusively by a specific travel agency who has an account with a specific operating location.

Considerations and Restrictions for cardholders

Procedure Steps


Role or Responsibility

References or Tips

Choose a travel agency from the state comptroller's approved list, on the Office of General Services (OGS) Procurement Services Web page.

Operations manager or designee


Operations locations must establish a procedure for paying the monthly statement

Operations manager or designee


Complete the Non-State of New York Agency Authorized Users Program Request Form.

Operations manager or designee

The organization contact (OM or designee) should be the person at your location that will be the Program Administrator (person who will receive the invoices and order/cancel cards, access Web site).


Estimate your annual spend for your airfare and train tickets. This is a required field on the form.

Complete the section "Agreed to and Accepted By"

Central Office.

The Non-State of New York Agency Authorized Users Program Request Form.

Return the completed application form to

Operating Manager or designee

This form will be submitted to the Office of General Services (OGS), who will then send the approval to Citibank.

Establish the BTA Card Program for the operating location.



Contact the operating location and direct them to the Web site to set up their account.



Fill out Program Administrator form given by Citibank.

Operating Manager or designee

Contact for a copy of the form.

Complete the Program Administrator Setup/Maintenance Form located in the Forms area in Accounts Payable on the RF Web site.

Operating Manager or designee

Check off the third line of Question #2, Section 1, PA Setup and CitiDirect Card management System ID Request for view only.


This will allow the Central Office to be a second administrator so that the RF Central Office can receive reports and monitor corporate wide activity

Delegation of Duties

The Operations Manager may delegate duties related to the administration of the Citibank Business Travel Account, or responsibility for functions of the program can be delegated to a campus program administrator. This person will be authorized by the Research Foundation and Citibank to sign the applications. Central office must be notified of the name of the authorized person.

Ultimate responsibility for seeing that all of these duties are properly managed remains with the operations manager.

An up-to-date list of persons involved with administering the Citibank program and their duties must be maintained at the operating location. If there is a change in the authorizing person, the Treasurer’s Office must be notified.

How to Monitor Card Activity

Citibank sends a monthly account summary to operating locations for monitoring card activity.



Related Information

Operating locations are responsible for developing rules and procedures for administering the BTA program at the location. For specific requirements, refer to "Managing RF Credit Card Programs" in Credit Card Programs Policy.


Non-State of New York Agency Authorized Users Program Request Form

Program Administrator Setup/Maintenance Form

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