Sponsor Required Reports


This document describes reports typically required by federal and other sponsors. It identifies the responsibilities of the operating location, and provides guidance on recording and monitoring sponsor-required report information in the Grants Management module of the Oracle business application.


Sponsor-required reports are reports that the sponsoring agency requires the award recipient to submit at specified points during the life cycle of the award. The types of reports required and submittal schedules vary based on the award terms and conditions. It is imperative that required reports are identified and submitted on schedule to ensure continued funding, timely receipt of sponsor payments, and to meet award terms and conditions.

All reports required by the sponsor must be identified, entered, and tracked in the Oracle business application. Upon report submittal, the submission date must also be recorded in the Oracle business application.

Types of Reports

There are various types of reports that may be required for submission by the sponsor. The following are some examples of commonly required sponsor reports:

Roles and Responsibilities

Decentralized Operating Locations:

Decentralized operating locations are responsible for identifying, submitting, and entering in the Oracle business application all non-financial and financial reports required by the sponsor.

Centralized Operating Locations:

Centralized operating locations are responsible for:

Recording Report Information in the Oracle Business Application

Report information is entered on the award in the Grants Management module of the Oracle business application. Information entered is based on the reporting requirements indicated in the award documentation or sponsor guidelines.

Individuals with a responsibility authorized to establish awards enter report information at the time of establishment. Refer to Create an Award located in the Grants Management course "Establishing Awards, Projects, and Tasks" for instructions on entering report information. In addition, they can view or change any information related to reports or the award at any time during its life cycle. Refer to Change Award Information located in the Grants Management course "Adjusting Awards, Project and Tasks” for instructions on changing report information.

Report information should be reviewed after the award has been established to ensure accuracy and completeness of report information. Erroneous or missing report information should be corrected in a timely manner. In addition, report submittal information must be entered into the Oracle business application upon submittal of the required report to the sponsor.

Individuals who are not authorized to establish awards but may be required to review reports, enter reports or enter report submittal information may request the responsibility ORG RF Awards Report. Using this responsibility they will only have access to view reports, enter new reports, and enter report submittal information. They will not have access to any other award related information. Refer to Enter New Reports and Submittal Information for Sponsored Required Reports located in the Grants Management course “Adjusting Awards, Project and Tasks” for instructions on entering report information using this responsibility. Important! Entries made using this responsibility cannot be changed once saved. Corrections and changes must be made via the Award Management form by a user who is authorized to establish awards. For these situations, a request should be sent to the appropriate grants administrator for your operating location.


The Oracle report RF Reports Due Report should be run monthly to monitor reports due or past due on an award. This report provides a listing of all reports due or past due that exist on the award in the Oracle business application. For more information on this report, refer to the document: RF Reports Due Report available under the Oracle Reports and Discoverer Queries area of Grants Management.


Justification of report submittal must be retained in the award files. This may include but is not limited to a copy of the sponsor-required report, a copy of the transmittal letter, e-mail, correspondence, etc.

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