Funding Received Under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA)


This document provides information on establishing and reporting awards received from funding under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.


The federal government is committed to ensuring that Recovery Act dollars are being spent appropriately.  Unprecedented accountability measures will be put into place for recipients of stimulus funding.

This document outlines the steps necessary to ensure that the Research Foundation (RF) can accurately manage and report on all stimulus funding received.

Establishing Awards

Since ARRA funds must be clearly distinguishable from non-Recovery Act funds in business and reporting systems, a new award must be established for all ARRA funding. This applies to new awards received as well as supplemental funds to existing awards. For help creating a new award, refer to the Create an Award process help.

Two new descriptive flexfields (DFFs) were created on the Oracle Grants Management form to track ARRA awards and the funded amount:

Existing awards were populated with a No to indicate that they are not ARRA funds.

It is recommended that a new project and task be established for the supplemental funds because the supplement may not have the same duration as the existing project. 

Use the appropriate award purpose code if an ARRA award is a subcontract or subgrant:

Letter of Credit (LOC) Drawdown

Two new LOC accounts were established for the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) and the National Science Foundation (NSF). These new LOC accounts were established so that ARRA funds can be drawn down separately from non-stimulus funds. The LOC account is entered in the Compliance Alternate Region under Billing Format.


LOC Account


Division of Payment Management Stimulus


National Science Foundation Stimulus

Note: For LOC awards funded by agencies other than DHHS and NSF, the existing LOC account should be entered.

Important Note: Do not select National Science Foundation Stimulus as the sponsor value for the Funding Source Name field when establishing an award. This value should only be used to indicate the NSF LOC account.

Rescinding an Award/Project

If you need to rescind an ARRA award and/or project, please complete the following actions:


Due to the unprecedented accountability measures affiliated with this stimulus funding it is important that we are vigilant in how we establish, maintain and track ARRA awards.

Please make sure you attach the award notice and any related documentation to the ARRA award information in Oracle.

Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA) Program Numbers

Federal agencies established specific ARRA CFDA numbers to clearly identify ARRA awards. We must verify that the correct CFDA number is entered when establishing ARRA awards in Oracle.

To verify or obtain an ARRA CFDA number:

  1. Go to the CFDA Web site.
  2. Click Search Recovery Programs under the Recovery banner on the right side of the page.

Note: Federal agencies are still publishing ARRA CFDA numbers – currently only 130 of the 200 identified are published on the CFDA Web site. If you cannot find the ARRA CFDA number that you need, please check your sponsor's Web site.

Expenditures must be reported by CFDA number in the A-133 Schedule of Federal Expenditures as well as at the corporate, system-wide level.

If an award is received that has a new CFDA number that is not listed in the CFDA flexfield list of values in the grants management module, send a request to Donna Kiley to have the CFDA number added.

At-Risk Awards

If you need to set up an ARRA award as at-risk, please note these additional monitoring requirements:

Reporting Requirements

Quarterly Financial Reports

The RF's first quarterly ARRA award report is due Oct. 10, 2009 — this is a change from July 10. A generic quarterly financial report was created that can be selected from the list of values in the Oracle Award Management form.  The report name is ARRA Quarterly Financial Report.  Once we know the official form name, the generic name will be modified and it will automatically update on the awards on which it was entered. 

Please select the ARRA Quarterly Financial Report from the list of values on the Award Management form and enter the following report due dates:

Sponsor Reports

It is recommended that you thoroughly review the award notice so that you understand the sponsor's reporting requirements. Several ARRA report values, e.g., technical or final financial, were added to the Reports list of values. Please select one of the ARRA choices for any ARRA award for which you are required to submit a report.


The new ARRA Award Management DFFs were added to Discoverer: 


A report was developed for ARRA awards to track DFF value changes, the date they changed, and the amount of the change:

American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 Funding History Report - RF (Report Help)


The new DFFs will display on the Award Information Abstract:

RF Award Information Abstract Report - 3 Column Budgets