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March 21, 2016




Megan Moran

Basis for Procedure

This document describes different types of Research Foundation (RF) purchasing instruments, tells what type of information must be included in all purchasing instruments, and provides references for information on negotiating and executing the instruments.

Procedure Summary

OMB Circular A-110 states that "the type of procuring instruments used (for example, fixed price contracts, cost reimbursable contracts, and purchase orders) shall be determined by the recipient but shall be appropriate for the particular procurement and for promoting the best interest of the particular program or project involved" (section .44[c]). The RF uses various types of procurement instruments.

The Terms and Conditions Applicable to All RF Purchase Orders are posted on the RF public website as a link at the bottom of the home page. If the supplier/seller (the "Seller") is unable to access these terms and conditions through the RF website, a hard copy will be transmitted at the Seller's request.


A requisition is the document which begins the purchasing process. It is used to create a purchase order. The requisitioning department completes either a Paper Requisition or creates an online requisition in Oracle, obtains appropriate approvals, then sends it to the purchasing department for review. The purchasing department will review the requisition for the appropriate project, task, award, and organization, and vendor selection. The purchasing department will also ensure that there is adequate documentation and that the requisition is signed by an authorized signatory. Once this review is complete, a purchase order will be created in Oracle.

Authorized Signatures

A requisition should be signed by a designated signature authority. The Purchasing Department maintains a list of authorized signatories at your locations.

Blanket Purchase Projection

The RF blanket purchase projection is a system-generated form with no contractual obligation to the Seller. A blanket purchase projection has no accounting information connected with it, it does no encumbering, and invoices cannot be created against it. The RF blanket purchase projection is used as an administrative tracking device in conjunction with the RF blanket release.

Possible uses include the following:



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