Property Management Process: Overview


This document describes the flow of property through the Research Foundation (RF) management process. The flow chart that is a part of this document presents a graphic view of the property management process.


Property is first acquired; then it is used and maintained during its service life; and, finally, it must be disposed of. There are many ways to acquire property, many changes that may occur to property during its service life, and many channels for property disposition.

Acquisition of Property

Property may be acquired in the following ways:

Service Life of Property

Once property has been acquired, many changes can occur that may necessitate changes in tagging and/or database records. These changes include:

Disposition of Property

At the end of its service life, property must be disposed of through various procedures. These procedures include:

Process Diagram

For a pictorial view representation of the property management process review: RF Property Management Overview Process Diagram.

Change History



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