Application Review and Endorsement

Elements of Application Review

The Research Foundation (RF) operations manager or designee must review an award application for the following items before submitting the application to a sponsor:

SUNY/Campus Approval

There must be evidence of SUNY/campus approval of the application (for example, a routing sheet) on file at the operating location.

Compliance with Foundation Policies

Applications must be reviewed to ensure that all elements of the proposed program will comply with RF administrative policies. For example, applications should be reviewed for compliance with the RF Conflict of Interest Policy and Policy on Publication of Research Activities.

Compliance with Sponsor Policies

Applications must be reviewed to ensure that the information requested by the sponsor has been provided.

The plan to meet such sponsor requirements as cost participation (cost sharing or matching) must be specifically reviewed to ensure that the application satisfactorily addresses these issues. If unrecovered indirect costs are to be used to satisfy cost participation requirements, the costs must be allowed by the sponsor.

Budget Projections

Project directors are responsible for determining the amount of funds required to successfully complete the project.

Review of Proposed Budget

The proposed budget must be reviewed to ensure that:

Suggested Note

When no cost participation requirements are stipulated by the sponsor and an application is submitted with cost participation information, the following note may be included in the application to facilitate interpretation of whether cost sharing is required:

"Cost participation is voluntarily offered on this project. The level of cost participation is at the discretion of the recipient unless otherwise stipulated by award terms and conditions."

How to Endorse an Application

After the review process has been completed, the RF operations manager or designee must indicate approval by signing some type of documentation (for example, a campus review form or the face page of the application) that will serve as evidence of the review.

RF operations managers are authorized to endorse all sponsored program applications. If uncertain as to the appropriateness of a particular application, the operations manager may refer the application to RF central office for review.

Required Documentation

RF operating locations must retain the following information on file:


The RF operations manager or designee is responsible for:

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