Summer-only Assignments: Redetermination


Summer-only assignments must be terminated after the summer period unless the assignment is redetermined to be ongoing. Redetermination can occur anytime during the summer period but should occur before the end of the summer period.

The summer-only employee is an employee whose appointment period is within the "summer period" as defined by the campus academic calendar, but also must be between May 1 and September 30. A summer-only assignment is limited to four months. Summer-only assignments for SUNY faculty members with academic year obligations may be further limited by SUNY policy, as described in the EPSS document Description of Assignment Groups. For more information about entering these employees into the Oracle business system, refer to Summer-Only Assignments in the Staffing procedure group of the Employees: Personnel Administration business area of EPSS.


If a position was characterized as summer-only but is later determined to be ongoing, then carry out the Oracle steps described in the following table.



How do you do it?


Update the Employee Summer assignment to an Employee Regular assignment in Oracle. The effective date should be the earlier of

the beginning of the next pay period after the last day worked in the summerOR

the beginning of the next pay period after it was determined this should be an Employee Regular assignment.

Use the Payroll and Employee Services work instruction Change Assignment Information.


Readjust (i.e., override) the Benefits Eligibility Table to ensure that the employee is retroactively eligible on the original hire date as a summer employee.

Use the Benefits work instruction View Custom Eligibility Table to view the benefits eligibility history of a specific person. For instructions on benefits overrides, contact the Central Office of Employee Services, Benefits Unit.


Transfer payroll charges from the specific SWS expenditure type (e.g., Salary & Wage Summer Exempt, Nonexempt, etc.) to the appropriate SWR expenditure type (e.g., Salary & Wage Regular Exempt, Nonexempt, etc.) for the entire summer payroll period.

This action will ensure the correct fringe benefit rate is applied from the beginning of the appointment.

For salaried employees, redistribute charges by entering a labor distribution adjustment using the work instruction Define Distribution Adjustments

For hourly employees, transfer charges by entering a Net Zero Expenditure Batch. Refer to the work instruction Enter a Net Zero Expenditure Batch.


Verify that the labor schedule for the summer period is end dated with the date of the last payroll processed.

Enter a labor schedule for the current payroll going forward with the correct expenditure type (i.e., SWR Exempt Nonexempt, etc.).

Use the Labor Distribution work instruction Enter or Update an Employee Labor Schedule.

Results of Process

Taking the steps in the Process table will achieve the following results:

Documentation Retention

Locations must maintain the appropriate documentation for the employment change and distribution adjustment.

Change History



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