Salary and Wage Administration Functions and Responsibilities


The Salaries and Wages section of the Employees: Personnel Administration business area is intended to ensure consistent application of Research Foundation (RF) policies and procedures for salary and wage administration. Compliance with these policies and practices is subject to audit review.

These provisions are not conditions of employment and can be modified, revoked, or changed at any time without notice. No part of this section is intended to be an employment contract between the Research Foundation and its employees nor is to be misconstrued as such a contract.

The Research Foundation's salary and wage policies and procedures are designed to

External Constraints

As a private, nonprofit organization, the Research Foundation is subject to state and federal regulations, including:

Example: NIH Salary Cap

The U.S. Congress has mandated limits on the direct salary of an individual under a grant or contract award issued by the National Institutes of Health (NIH). The Research Foundation is responsible for complying with these limits for Research Foundation and Income Fund Reimbursable appointments under an NIH award.

Internal Controls

The Research Foundation has established internal controls to ensure that the salary and wage administration policies and procedures are followed and related legal requirements are met. The key internal controls are

Classification Structure

The classification structure establishes standards for each Research Foundation position and identifies the appropriate pay range.

The structure consists of

Annual Salary Plan

The Board of Directors annually approves a salary plan that may authorize across-the-board and/or discretionary salary increases subject to the availability of funds and the general responsibilities and approvals associated with these increases.


Operating Locations

The Research Foundation operations manager is responsible for ensuring that


The Research Foundation operations manager at each operating location is responsible for all Research Foundation operations at the location, regardless of who performs the operations. The operations manager is accountable to the Research Foundation Board of Directors for the conduct of such operations. Therefore, the operations manager is permitted to delegate the authority to perform operations but may not delegate responsibilities.

For cases when signatory delegation is allowed, there must be a list of authorized signatory delegates kept on file at the operating location.

Central Office

The Research Foundation Central Office is responsible for

Additional Responsibility

Locations that Input Data into the Computer System

Locations that input data into the Research Foundation computer system are responsible for inputting and maintaining salary information in the system.

Central Office

The Research Foundation Central Office is responsible for inputting and maintaining salary information in the Research Foundation computer system for locations that elect not to input their own data.

Additional Information

The Salary Plan provides guidelines for across-the-board increases and discretionary salary increases. The plan is approved annually by the Research Foundation Board of Directors.

Salary Rules contain documents describing the policies and procedures for establishing salaries, paying for overtime, and making salary adjustments for promotions, demotions, and transfers.

The salary schedules (pay ranges) for sponsored program exempt, administrative exempt, and nonexempt positions are located in the Salary Schedules section.

Position Titles contain one list of Research Foundation titles ordered by position title. Descriptions of the position standards for each Research Foundation title are located in the Position Standards section.

The following table provides sources for further information:

For more information on...

Refer to document...

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