Reduction-in-Force Severance Program and Payment for Administrative Employees


Severance payments are in addition to any final payments that must be made in compliance with the Prompt Notice of Termination and Prompt Final Payments Policy. The following table describes the steps involved in developing a reduction-in-force program and making severance payments after a program has been approved. Each step is explained in the sections that follow.




Develop a program


Submit program for approval


Complete and submit an Oracle Information Change Form


Enter information into the computerized business system

1. Develop a Program

A reduction-in-force program must be developed at a campus location when it becomes necessary for the location to eliminate administrative positions. The following items must be included in the program:

2. Submit Program for Approval

The reduction-in-force program must be submitted to the Research Foundation (RF) president or designee for approval at least 10 days prior to its implementation. The Foundation president will notify the RF operations manager or designee of program approval.

A copy of the approved reduction-in-force program will be retained by the campus RF human resources office and human resources at central office.

3. Complete and Submit Oracle Information Change Form


The appropriate sections of the Oracle Information Change Form must be completed when an employee in an administrative position is terminating from RF employment because of an approved reduction-in-force.

Severance Payments

If a severance payment will be made, the following information must be included in a written request to payroll, or a separate change form containing the following information must be completed and submitted to payroll:

4. Enter Information into the Computerized Business System

Campus Locations - Entering Termination Information

Information regarding the termination of employment for administrative employees because of an approved reduction-in-force is entered into the computerized business system by choosing the appropriate element from the list of values. The Termination Procedure for Involuntary Termination of Employment should be followed. The work instruction "Terminate an Employee" describes the steps to use for entering appropriate termination information into the computerized business system.

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