Monitoring Controls Over Key Personnel Administration Processes


This document should be utilized by operating locations and Research Foundation (RF) central management teams responsible for the employee maintenance processes as a guideline for developing monitoring and review procedures. Note that this document includes only key processes and is not a fully inclusive listing of the controls to be created. This document is a high-level guideline for the campus management teams to assist in developing a monitoring controls environment.

Monitoring Controls for Administrative Employee Maintenance

RF central office and operating locations

Monitoring Controls for Salary Maintenance

RF central office and operating locations

Reports Used for Monitoring Activities

There are several reports available to monitor all areas of personnel activity: Personnel Administration, Leave Accruals, Affirmative Action, and Benefits and Retirement. For a complete list of Oracle reports available for monitoring purposes, refer to the document "Human Resource Oracle Reports."

Posting to General Ledger Monitoring Controls:

RF central office

Reports used for Monitoring Activities:

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