Administration of Fellowships


This document outlines the procedure and responsibilities for administering Research Foundation (RF) fellowships.


The following table summarizes the procedure for administering fellowships. Each step is described in the blocks below the table.




Complete the necessary form or forms.


Obtain approvals or acknowledgments.


Set up fellow in the RF business system.


Retain original forms.


The Academic Fellowship Form must be completed in order to set up a fellow in the computerized business system.

If a fellowship award is supported by Public Health Service (PHS) training grant funds, then additional PHS forms may be required to be submitted to PHS before the fellow's appointment date. When the Academic Fellowship Form is submitted to the RF office at the operating location for approvals and/or processing, a copy of each additional form (if any) must be attached.

The completed, signed original Academic Fellowship Form must be retained in the fellow's file. One copy of the form must be provided to the recipient, and other copies are to be distributed and retained following the operating location's guidelines.

Approvals and Acknowledgments

The Academic Fellowship Form is used to certify, acknowledge, or accept various terms and conditions of the award. The certification, acknowledgement, or acceptance is accomplished when the responsible person signs and dates the form. The following table describes the requirements of each person responsible:

Person Responsible

Required to...

project director or co-project director

Certify that the award is permissible within the terms stated by the sponsor.

operations manager or designee

Certify that the award is permissible within the terms stated by the sponsor and is consistent with RF and SUNY policies.

Certify that services are not required of the awardee and that funds are available in the applicable account for the award.


Acknowledge that no service is required in consideration of the stipend provided by the award and that the fellow is subject to the University's academic policies applying to fellowship recipients.

Accept the Patent Waiver and Release Agreement as a condition of the academic fellowship award.

Set Up Fellow in the RF Business System

Set Up Individual (Fellow)

Use the Academic Fellowship Form as a source document to add a fellow to the computerized business system. Refer to the appropriate work instruction for a description of the initial set up of an individual fellow.

Some fields are pre-filled on the Academic Fellowship Form. Information from the form should be input into the Assignment window, the salary form, and in the element entries, as listed in the following table:



Assignment Window:

Assignment Group


Effort Reporting Status



No Job Required



Employment Category

Not an Employee



Salary Basis

Non Employee

Salary tab:

Salary Form Value


Salary Form Reason

Not an Employee

Entries tab:


Stip Fel NQual 1, 2, or 3

Set Up Individual (Fellow and Service)

When the terms of an award require a fellowship recipient to provide teaching, research, or other service, the recipient must be input into the computerized business system as an employee (i.e., paid a salary or wage for the service provided). A second Assignment must be created.



Role and Responsibilities

All Operating Locations

The Research Foundation operations manager is responsible for ensuring that:

  • Fellowships are administered in accordance with the policies and procedures set forth in this document.
  • Fellowships conform to Research Foundation, sponsor, and SUNY policies, and that fellowships are used only when services are not required of the awardee.
  • Fellowships conform to SUNY academic policies.
  • Academic Fellowship Forms are processed and the necessary approvals for fellowships are obtained.
  • A copy of the Academic Fellowship Form is provided to the fellow.
  • The appropriate information is entered into the RF business system.
  • The original Academic Fellowship Form is retained in the fellow's file.

Operating Locations at Which Human Resources at Central Office Inputs Personnel/Payroll Information

The Research Foundation operations manager is also responsible for ensuring that:

  • The Academic Fellowship Form is submitted to central office for input.

Central Office

Vice president of human resources at central office is responsible for ensuring that:

  • The policies and procedures pertaining to fellowships are accurate, up-to-date, and available for campus use.

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