Retoractive Payroll Payments Processing

Effective Date:

March 11, 2016




Kathy Shattuck

Basis for Procedure

Retroactive payroll payments are necessary to process payroll payments for a pay period that has already passed when appointments or salary rate increases are not entered into the Oracle modules in a timely manner. The RF strongly recommends that retroactive payments do not go back any further than 90 days. In all cases, retroactivity should not be over 360 days.

Procedure Summary

This document outlines the procedure for processing retroactive payments to a different project/task/award than what was in effect for the retroactive period. This process involves updates in the Human Resources (HR) and Labor Distribution (LD) modules.

Procedure Steps

Overview of System Process

To process a retroactive payment, campus staff must take the following steps:

  1. Click the Payroll Reports link in the Business Applications portal.
  2. Click the link for your campus.
  3. Enter your Payroll Reports user name and password and press Enter.
  4. Click Biweekly Retro Report or SUNY Retro Report.

    Guidelines for Reviewing Input

    Some examples of errors to look for when reviewing input are:



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Change History


Summary of Change

March 11, 2016

Changed reference from work instructions to Process Help, combined Retroactive Payroll Payments Processing and Reviewing retroactive Payroll Payments.

January 13, 2005

New document.



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