Moving Expense Reimbursement


Moving expense reimbursement is an incentive (not a requirement) used to attract some employment candidates to the Research Foundation (RF).

Eligibility must be approved prior to the appointment of the employee and is contingent upon its necessity as an incentive for hire. All reimbursement is subject to Internal Revenue Service (IRS) tax guidelines and sponsor policy. Refer to Moving Expense Reimbursement IRS Requirements for more information.

Applicability of Policy

The Moving Expense Reimbursement Policy applies only to reimbursement for expenses associated with moving household or personal items. A list of reimbursable and nonreimbursable expenses is provided in this document.

Business-Related Items

Expenses incurred for moving business-related items (such as lab equipment) are not subject to the restrictions and limitations of this policy. Reimbursements of this type are made as a standard vendor payment, but must be approved by the operations manager and meet all additional payment review requirements.


A person may be eligible for reimbursement if he or she is

Reimbursable Expenses

The following moving expenses are reimbursable:

Nonreimbursable Expenses

The Research Foundation does not reimburse employees for moving expenses for items that are not household or personal items under this policy, including the following:


For instructions on requesting and processing reimbursements, refer to the document "Moving Expenses: Requesting and Processing Reimbursements."

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