Assignment and Monitoring of Temporary Tax Identification Numbers (TINs)

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February 24, 2016




Kathy Shattuck

Basis for Procedure

An RF employee, fellow, or SUNY employee must have a valid Tax Identification Number (TIN) in order to process RF payroll payments. If an individual has not yet received an SSN before his or her status becomes active, a temporary Tax Identification Number (TIN) must be assigned.

Procedure Summary

This procedure provides the steps to take when an RF employee, fellow or SUNY employee on the payroll has no valid TIN. Monitoring must take place to ensure that final TINs are obtained by the individuals. SUNY employee’s payments are part of the Income Fund Reimbursable (IFR)/cost sharing activity. Payments made to SUNY employees are not reportable by the RF at year-end. Therefore, a final valid TIN is not required.

Procedure Steps

The following table describes the steps to take when an employee or fellow on the payroll has no valid TIN:


Role or Responsibility

References or Tips

Receive information or form for a new employee or fellow (or for a change to a record already set up) in which the employee or fellow does not have a valid SSN or ITIN.

Operating Location


Create a temporary Tax Identification Number before entering the employee or fellow into Oracle.

Operating Location

How to Assign a Temporary TIN(Below)

Monitor the temporary TIN to ensure a valid number is received within one month.

Operating Location

Use the List Function query in Oracle to search for all SSNs beginning with 000.

Maintain a log of all temporary TINs that are assigned at your location. Document the following information:

name of the employee or fellow;

temporary TIN;

date temporary TIN was assigned;

employee number; and

valid TIN assigned by SSA or IRS (when issued).

Operating Location


If a valid SSN is received within one month an Oracle Information change form must be completed and the person’s record (i.e., the Social Security field of the Identification region in the People –xxxx window) must be adjusted.

If a valid SSN is not received within one month follow up with applicants to ensure that they have applied for a number from the SSA or IRS. Continue monitoring.

Operating Location

Change the temporary TIN to the new, valid number by using the work instruction Change People Information Personnel Data.

How to Assign a Temporary TIN

A temporary TIN takes the numeric form of a Social Security Number (i.e., xxx-xx-xxxx). To expedite searching and identification of temporary numbers, operating locations must create temporary numbers consistently.

All temporary TINs must begin with 000.

  1. The middle two numbers are the first two digits of the location code (e.g., 28 for Empire State College).
  2. The sixth number is the last digit of the current calendar year (e.g., 2 for calendar year 2002).
  3. The last three numbers are the operating location's local numbering sequence for temporary TINs.
  4. For example, the first temporary TIN (e.g., 001) that Empire State College might create for calendar year 2002 would be 000-28-2001.


TIN - A temporary Tax Identification Number

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