Central Office Mobile Device Reimbursement Procedure

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Basis for Procedure

In accordance with the Central Office Mobile Device Policy, the Research Foundation for The State University of New York ("RF") may provide a monetary stipend, primarily for non-compensatory purposes, to eligible employees who use their Personal Mobile Device for RF business purposes.

Procedure Summary

This procedure provides the necessary steps to be taken when approving an RF employee's receipt of a stipend (up to $30 per device, per month) for a Personal Mobile Device that is used for RF business purposes. The "Central Office Mobile Device Policy" outlines the eligibility requirements.

Procedure Steps


Role or Responsibility

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Determine employee's eligibility for, and approve employee's receipt of, stipend

Department Vice President


Review and sign the "Mobile Device Stipend Acceptance and Use Agreement" form

Eligible employee and Department Vice President


Submit the signed form to the Chief Financial Officer for approval and signature

Eligible employee


Route the completed "Mobile Device Stipend Acceptance and Use Agreement" form to Information Services

Eligible employee


On a quarterly basis, eligible employee requests reimbursement via the iExpense system.

Eligible employee

Annual submission of mobile device cover page with device summary billing is required to receive reimbursement.


Mobile Device- Smartphone or tablet device that has a cellular number associated with it, e.g., iPhone and iPad devices, Windows Smartphone and Tablet devices, and Android Smartphone and Tablet devices. Tablet devices are distinguishable from laptop computers by their embedded operating systems and need to install applications via an "app store." Laptops are not considered mobile devices for the purposes of this policy.

Personal Mobile Device- A Mobile Device that is owned by an employee of the RF and is approved to connect to RF business systems in accordance with this policy.

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