IFR and Cost Sharing: Monthly Process for SUNY Payroll

Effective Date:

February 24, 2016


Labor Distribution


Kathy Shattuck

Basis for Procedure

An IFR/CS assignment must be processed for any SUNY employee working on an RF-administered project and their effort is considered cost sharing as defined above or whose salary is being reimbursed to SUNY through the IFR process.

Procedure Summary

This procedure describes the steps involved in the monthly SUNY payroll process.











Last Biweekly Payroll Runs


SUNY Payroll and LD Run


Costing to Grants

(Process Distribution Adjustments until the end of the month. These will be included in the reimbursement check and/or monthly cost sharing reports).


Run reports detailing information about the reimbursement checks (see Step 6 in the next section)




Month End Date


*Note: We will be offering a quick pay run for the SUNY (IFR) payroll beginning January 2016. The SUNY payroll will continue to run after the last biweekly payroll of every month, but on those months that the payroll is early in the month, you will have the ability to run a quick pay to generate additional charges for a SUNY employee. This run will be the last Wednesday of that month. Click here for directions on how to process a SUNY(IFR) quick pay.


SUNY Payroll Process Details


Role of Responsibility

References of Tips

Campus staff Input appointment forms to the HR and LD Oracle modules for the next monthly SUNY Payroll in the HR module.

Operating Location HR/PR staff

Instructions are also available to assist in the input of the form into Oracle.

When processing a change to an existing appointment, the Research Foundation operations manager or designee must ensure that the information being changed is accurate.

The SUNY HR Retro Process runs every night to create the SUNY Earnings Retro element for elements added with "Yes" selected for "Retro Required." Campus staff can view new elements the next day in the HR module.

Operating Location HR/PR staff

Tip: If the SUNY payroll run for the month has processed, and you missed this you need to load a retro element in the next month.

After the last biweekly payroll is run for the month (normally on a Tuesday), the SUNY Payroll and LD processes are run on the scheduled night, which is normally the Thursday night after the last biweekly payroll. All SUNY Earnings and SUNY Earnings Retro elements are processed to create a Statement of Earnings in the HR module. The labor distributions are created, per the charging instructions in the labor schedules. The following weekend, costing of the IFR or Cost Sharing expenditures to the Grants module occurs will automatically.

Corporate Operations

Refer to these instructions to run RF SUNY Distribution of Grant Charges in Oracle

When the SUNY payroll processing is complete you should run the report: RF SUNY Distribution of Grant Charges to check your input.

Operating Location HR/PR staff

Refer to these instructions to run RF SUNY Distribution of Grant Charges in Oracle


Income Fund Reimbursable (IFR) - The Research Foundation (RF) reimburses the state through the "Income Fund Reimbursable" (IFR) process for the cost of the salaries and associated fringe benefits of State University of New York (SUNY) employees who remain on the state payroll while performing services for RF-administered sponsored projects.

Note: The RF’s personnel policies do not apply to SUNY staff members because they are not RF employees.

Cost Sharing - A SUNY employee may work on an RF-administered sponsored project. If that person is not compensated directly or if SUNY is not reimbursed for the person's effort on the project, this can be considered cost sharing.

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Change History


Summary of Change

February 24, 2016

Update to include off week processing and instructions.

August 10, 2006

Updated instructions for accessing Oracle applications with the new Web.

May 18, 2004

New document.



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