Oracle Input and Monitoring of Extra Service Appointments

Effective Date:

March 15, 2013


Human Resources


Basis for Procedure

Procedure for processing extra service payments in compliance with the policy Assigning Extra Service.

Procedure Summary

This procedure outlines the steps to successfully set up an employee with extra service in the Oracle HR module. This procedure also outlines how to monitor your campus location for extra service activity.

Procedure Steps


Role or Responsibility

References or Tips

Oracle Input

Campus HR Administrator responsible for data entry into the RF business systems.

Prior approvals have been obtained, evidenced by appropriate forms.


Processing a Research Foundation employee with an extra service job:

Extra service is used to compensate full-time regular RF employees in exempt positions only.

Query to find existing People record.



Open existing assignment. The Status should be Active.



The extra service element Extra Service RF should be loaded for the period of time that this job is active.



When the extra service period is completed, the element should be end dated.



Processing a SUNY employee with an extra service Research Foundation job:

Extra service is used to compensate full-time SUNY professional employees only.

Create a new People record, if necessary, or query to find an existing record.



Load a new Assignment. The Status should be "SUNY Extra Service."



Load a Salary form and a Salary Basis of "Period Salary" for the period of time that this job is active.



When the extra service period is completed, the Assignment Status should be changed to "Terminate – Do Not Process."



Monitoring Extra Service

Staff member responsible for monitoring extra service payments

Extra service payments should be monitored to ensure that: payments from sponsored awards do not exceed the 20% limit, services were rendered and extra service was actually performed

Run Discoverer query "GD_Extra Service Payments by Person for a Specific Period."


A Grants Discoverer responsibility is needed.

The query provides a list of employees with extra service expenditures for a time period.


Any additional HR information will have to be retrieved separately.

Campuses should work with their SUNY HR office to ensure that the RF extra service payments to full-time SUNY employees do not exceed 20% of institutional base salary.





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Extra Service Compensation Approval Form

HR Personnel Administration forms (as needed per request):

Employee Assignment Form

Oracle Information Change Form

Person Assignment Form

Change History


Summary of Change


New Procedure



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