Service Credit Accumulation Rules for Nonvested Employees on Disability, Military, or FMLA Leave


This document describes special rules for service credit, i.e., time counted towards the service plan requirements for participation and vesting in the Research Foundation (RF) Basic Retirement Plan. These rules apply when nonvested employees are out on disability, military, or FMLA leave.

Certified Disability

If an employee is unable to work due to a medically-certified disability and is no longer on the Research Foundation payroll, he or she will continue to be credited for the rest of the current anniversary year with hours of service based on the percent of effort the employee was working at the time he or she became disabled. These hours will be counted, if needed, to ensure that the employee is credited with a maximum of 975 hours (for those on a 37.5-hour work week) or 1,000 hours (for those on a 40-hour work week) in that year.

If the employee was already paid for 975 or 1,000 hours in the current anniversary year, additional hours will not be counted. Service credit during the disability will continue until the employee has received a maximum of 1 additional year of service that he or she would not otherwise have earned as a result of the disability.

If an employee returns to work and becomes disabled again, he or she will receive up to 501 hours of service credit for each subsequent disability.

Military Leave

If an employee returns to the RF payroll after military leave, up to 3 years of military service will be credited. This service must be qualifying under the Uniformed Services Employment and Re-employment Act (USERRA).

FMLA Leave

If an employee is on an approved leave of absence because of pregnancy, childbirth, infant care, adoption, or for any other circumstance covered under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), he or she will be credited with up to 501 hours of service in the anniversary year of the leave, if needed, to prevent a break-in-service.

Contributions During Leave

Contributions cease when an employee goes off the payroll while on certified disability, FMLA, or military leave. If an employee returns to employment following military leave, contributions will be retroactive for the period of military service.



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