Long-Term Care Plan


The Research Foundation (RF), in partnership with CNA Insurance, offers regular salaried employees working at least half-time, the opportunity to purchase a voluntary Group Long-Term Care Plan. This plan is made available at affordable group rates to employees after six (6) months of employment.

Long-term care protection is a variety of services available to individuals who are unable to care for themselves due to an illness, accident or disability. The services are provided in a setting other than the acute care portion of a hospital. Services can be provided on a temporary or permanent basis, in a nursing home, or in a person’s home. Long-term care services can range from simple help with meal preparation to assistance with bathing and dressing or to complete 24-hour monitored care.


Regular salaried employees working at least half time after six months of employment; their spouses/domestic partners; their parents, parents-in-law, grandparents, and grandparents in-law; retirees and their spouses can purchase Long-Term Care Insurance.


The employee, and/or their spouse/domestic partner pays the full cost of program participation through payroll deduction on an after tax basis.

Retirees, their spouses, parents, parent-in-law, grandparents and grandparents-in-law will be billed directly by the carrier for premiums.

Premiums are per person and based on the individual’s age on the effective date of coverage.

Program Overview

The Group Long-Term Care from CNA offers comprehensive, flexible benefits at an affordable price and is available to employees, retirees, spouses, domestic partners, parents and parent-in-law, and grandparents and grandparents-in-law. This insurance can help pay for the cost of long-term care services in a nursing home, the person’s home and other facilities.

With Group Long-Term Care from CNA, the employee chooses a plan that’s right for their needs. Because not everyone needs the same amount of coverage, the person determines the amount of daily benefit and the lifetime maximum. The daily benefit amount is the maximum daily amount a person can receive in benefits.


New employees will have a 60 day enrollment period once they become eligible. If they enroll during the initial 60-day enrollment period, they are guaranteed coverage regardless of their health status, as long as they are still actively-at-work when their coverage goes into effect. If they wait, they will have to complete a questionnaire about their health and medical history and meet good health and other underwriting standards to be accepted into the plan. Retirees, spouses, domestic partners and other eligible family members may enroll at this time but their coverage is subject to CNA medical underwriting approval and is not guaranteed.

There are several ways to obtain more information about the Group Long-Term Care program from CNA and to enroll.

Employees can access CNA’s web site at www.LTCbenefits.com (password: trfsunyltc) to learn more about the group long-term care plan, and to request an enrollment kit.

They can call CNA Group Long-Term Care Customer Service, toll-free, at 1-877-777-9072 to obtain additional information, including the enrollment kit.

The Enrollment Kit contains the various applications and brochure that outlines the plan design, rates, exclusions and limitations. Employees interested in signing up for Group Long-term Care from CNA can enroll by completing the enrollment form.

Spouses/domestic partners of employees may apply for coverage by completing the short form questionnaire. Spouses/domestic partners may qualify for long-term care coverage whether or not they have a medical condition. Some medical conditions will not necessarily disqualify them for coverage. An affidavit of domestic partnership must be completed to cover a domestic partner for long-term care.

Retirees, spouses of retirees, parents, parents-in-law, grandparents and grandparents-in-law must complete the long-form application and questionnaire. They may apply at any time. They must meet good health and other underwriting standards to be accepted into the plan. Not all medical conditions will disqualify the person from coverage.

Mail all completed forms in the postage-paid envelope to:

CNA Insurance
PO Box 946760
Maitland, FL 32794-9776

Continuation after RF Employment Ends

Plan participants can continue their coverage after RF employment ends by reviewing the continuation provisions of their certificate of coverage, or by calling CNA at 1-877-777-9072.

What to Give to Employees

As part of a new employee orientation, operating locations should provide newly hired employees with the Group Long-Term Care Brochure from CNA (AG-144605-A). Operating locations may order supplies by contacting CNA:

CNA Client Services

Employees who wish to obtain more information or would like to enroll in CNA Group Long-Term Care should:

Administration of the Program

  1. The Campus should provide the employee with the CNA Group Long-Term Care Brochure and advise them
    to contact CNA’s web site or Customer Service area for an Enrollment Kit and more information.
  2. Employees or their relatives must complete the applicable Enrollment Form and return it directly to:

    CNA Insurance
    PO Box 946760
    Maitland FL 32794-9776

  3. CNA will review and process the application and provide the RF Central Office Benefits Department with a
    report of who should be getting payroll deductions. Inputting of the Long-Term Care element on Oracle will be done only
    at Central Office. Non-active employees or their relatives will get a direct billing from CNA.
  4. New employees have 60 days after meeting their six month waiting period to apply for coverage and be
    guaranteed acceptance in the program. After that period, their application is subject to CNA medical
    underwriting. Coverage is always effective the 1st of the month after the application has been approved by
    CNA. There are no retroactive premium adjustments.

For More Information

Program information can be obtained from the Long-Term Care Program Handbook and Brochure which are available in PDF format in the Forms and Handbooks resource area, Employees: Benefits and Retirement business area.

Other information, including downloadable forms, can be found at the CNA web site at http://www.ltcbenefits.com (password trfsunyltc).

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