Fellow Health Insurance Premiums Paid by an Award


This procedure describes the process to follow when full or partial cost a fellow's health insurance can be paid by award funds.


At times sponsored award documentation will allow for an individual receiving a fellowship to have their health insurance premiums covered by that award. The Principal Investigator of the award will notify any appropriate individuals that their premiums will be covered.


The Principal Investigator (PI) must send authorization for coverage to the operating location office responsible for benefits administration.

The authorization for coverage must include:


Fellow should complete enrollment forms as normal, following the procedure Graduate Student Health Plan (GSEHP).

Charging the Award

Once authorization and approval are obtained, the appropriate earnings element, element level deduction and element level labor schedule must be entered in the Oracle application.

Fellow health elements are based on the coverage selected by fellow and authorization to charge award from PI. Refer to the Benefits Processing Administrator Guide for detailed input instructions.


Fellows whose health insurance premiums are paid through award funds should be reviewed every payroll period to ensure proper system coding. The report RF Cost of Ed Not Charged Report should be used to perform this function. This report will display data on fellows with any of the following conditions:

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