Workers' Compensation Insurance

Workers' Compensation Law

The Research Foundation (RF), in compliance with the New York State Workers’ Compensation Law, provides partial income replacement and payments for medical expenses for a work-related illness or injury.

Eligibility for Coverage

All employees are eligible for workers’ compensation benefits.

Claims Administrator

The Research Foundation contracts with Chubb to administer claim payments for the Research Foundation Workers’ Compensation Insurance Plan.

Cost of Coverage

The Research Foundation pays the full cost of workers’ compensation coverage.

Notice of Compliance

The Workers’ Compensation Board issues a notice each fiscal year that indicates the employer’s compliance with the New York State Workers’ Compensation Law and provides information on steps to take in order to file a workers' compensation claim.

Prior to July 1 of each calendar year, central office provides operating locations with the current notice of compliance. Refer to the current notice, Notice of Compliance With Workers' Compensation Law.

Operating locations are required to post the current notice in places where it can be seen by Research Foundation employees. Examples of appropriate places for display include the Sponsored Programs Office, the Sponsored Programs Employee Services Office, or any place where Research Foundation job opportunities are posted.

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