Invoice and Payment Process

Invoices and Payments

When a supplier payment needs to be generated, the recording of the invoice received from the supplier (or other payment request documentation such as a check request) is approved and entered as an invoice into the accounts payable module in Oracle. Invoices can be entered prior to the date the check is to be produced. Based on the payment terms entered (for example, Immediate, Net 30) the invoice is selected to be included in the payment process, which is done overnight by RF central office. The payment process generates the check.

Types of Payments

In addition to payments to vendors, an invoice must be processed for the following types of payments:

Types of Invoices

There are several type of invoices such as

Multiple Invoices for One Supplier Site

Multiple payments processed in a payment batch for one supplier site are automatically included in one check unless individually coded otherwise in the Supplier File. The supplier site, payment alternative region contains a 'Pay Alone' field. If coded, pay alone, all payments processed using that supplier site will produce a separate check.

Equipment Purchases

Equipment purchase that require property reporting are identified by designation of an appropriate expenditure type. There are 33 application expenditure types that may be assigned.


The following table outlines the invoice/payment process:




Receive an invoice or request for payment from a supplier.


Manually approve invoice/payment.


Determine if the supplier is on the Supplier File. If not, request that supplier is added and/or campus site information is added to the Supplier File. Refer to "Supplier File Updates" for more information.


Enter the invoice information into the accounts payable module.


Review invoice information.


If invoice is matched to a purchase order, perform the match to P.O. on-line.


Approve invoice online.


Review invoices on hold and take appropriate action. Refer to "Invoice Holds" for more information.


Checks are generated for approved invoices when central office performs the batch payment run. Refer to "Check Production and Distribution" for more information.



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