Completing the Alternate Payment Form


Complete the Alternate Payment Form to request an international or domestic wire or a foreign draft.

Instructions for Completing the Form

  1. Complete the required fields on the form. The information you need to enter for eachfield on the form is described in the following table. Fields are listed in the order in which they appear on the form:


    Information to Enter


    Enter the date of the request.

    Int'l Wire

    Check this option to transfer funds to a bank outside the United States.

    Domestic Wire

    Check this option to transfer funds to a bank in the United States.

    Foreign Draft

    Check this option to have Key Bank issue a foreign draft check in a foreign currency amount.

    Invoice #

    Enter the invoice number that will be input into Oracle.

    Document #

    N/A. This number is assigned in Oracle and entered by central office staff.

    Export Control

    N/A. To be used by central office staff when processing an international wire.


    N/A. To be used by central office staff for a wire transfer or draft cancellation.


    N/A. To be used by central office staff when a wire transfer tracer is placed.


    The dollar amount of the transfer or draft.


    The type of currency that will be used for the transaction (e.g., U.S. dollars, Euros, etc.).

    Senders Corr Bank (Covers Thru)

    Only required if the transfer must be routed through a corresponding bank before arriving at the beneficiary bank.

    Acct with Bank (Beneficiary’s Bank)

    Information associated with the bank that will be receiving the funds, as follows:

    • If the bank is a U.S. bank, include the name of the bank and an ABA or routing number.
    • If the bank is a foreign bank, include the name of the bank, the city and country where the bank is located, and a corresponding SWIFT or BIC code.

    Beneficiary Customer Name and Account # (to be credited to)

    The name of and bank account number for the supplier receiving payment. Note: The vendor on the Oracle purchase order has to match the beneficiary customer. The beneficiary is the supplier the Research Foundation is paying. For international wire transfers going to European countries, KeyBank requires an International Bank Account Number (IBAN) in place of a general numeric bank account number.

    Details of Payment (to be forwarded with payment)

    Information that you want sent along with the wire (e.g., invoice #, P.O. #, description).

    Special Instructions for Payment Detail

    Any special instructions related to payment of the wire (e.g., P.O. line number to match or split for invoice entry if paid on multiple PTAEOs).

    Supplier Name

    The supplier listed on the P.O. and beneficiary.

    Supplier Number

    The Supplier Number from Oracle.

    Site Number

    The Supplier Site from Oracle.

    Purchase Order Number

    The Oracle P.O. number created by the campus location.

    Note: Oracle determines the status of the P.O. and the campus location must adjust the P.O. if necessary to close the PO and release any balances.


    The PTAEO the expense is charged to.

    Expenditure Type

    The Expenditure type the expense is charged to.


    The Organization the expense is charged to.

  2. In the “Authorized Signatures” section at the bottom of the form, have the form signedby the operations manager or an official to whom the operations manager has delegatedthe authority to request alternate payment methods.

    Note: that all alternate payment forms are approved at central office and require a secondary central office approval for all requests over $100,000.



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