Completing the Alternate Payment Form for ACH Transfers for Internal Awards


Complete the “Alternate Payment Form: Request for ACH Transfer for Internal Awards to request an internal transfer of funds.

Instructions for Completing the Form

  1. Complete the required fields on the form. The information you need to enter for each field on the form is described in the following table. Fields are listed in the order in which they appear on the form.
  1. Field
  1. Information to Enter
  1. Amount
  1. The dollar amount of the transfer.
  1. Special Instructions
  1. Any special instructions to central office related to payment (e.g., PO line number to match or split for invoice entry if paid on multiple PTAEOs).
  1. Purchase Order Number
  1. The Oracle purchase order PO number created by the campus location.
  2. Note: Oracle determines the status of the PO and the campus location must adjust the PO if necessary to close the PO and release any balances.
  1. Supplier Name
  1. The vendor listed on the PO.
  1. Supplier Number
  1. The supplier number from Oracle.
  1. Site Number
  1. The supplier site from Oracle.
  1. Project/Task/Award
  1. The project/task/award listed on the PO.
  1. Expenditure Type
  1. Use applicable.
  1. Organization
  1. The project/task/award listed on the purchase order.
  1. Award for Cash Posting Section
  1. Award
  1. The award number the funds are to be transferred to.
  1. AR Invoice Number
  1. The accounts receivable (AR) invoice number the funds are to be posted to.
  1. In the “Authorized Signatures” section at the bottom of the form, have the form signed by the operations manager or an official to whom the operations manager has delegated the authority to request alternate payment methods.

    Note that all alternate payment forms are approved at central office and require a secondary central office approval for all requests over $100,000.



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