Check Copy Procedure

Effective Date:

December 28, 2016


Accounts Payable


Megan Moran

Basis for Procedure

Check copies needed to provide proof of payment to appropriate parties as well as proper disbursement of funds. Authorized campus representatives can obtain copies of vendor checks cashed through the Key Bank KTT (Key Total Treasury) Web site. This may be necessary in some cases when a vendor claims he or she did not receive a check.

Note: If the vendor claims that he or she did not sign or cash the check, refer to the Forged Check Procedure for information about how to prove the endorsement on a check does not belong to the vendor the check was made payable to.

Procedure Summary

The following outlines steps operating locations should take to obtain a copy of a vendor check


Obtain Authorization from Key Bank

The following steps are only required for initial access to Key Total Treasury (KTT)


Role or Responsibility

References or Tips

Complete the Key Total Treasury (KTT) Authorization Form in order to obtain authorization.

Campus Representative


Provide authorized signature on the form

Campus OM or Delegate


Submit form to Finance Office at Central Office

Campus Representative

Forms can be submitted via e-mail to or via fax at (518) 434-8347

Forward authorization form to Key Bank

Central Office (CO) Cash Manager

Key Bank will provide CO Cash Manager with the appropriate Logon ID and Password.

Mail the Logon ID and password information directly to the campus representative

CO Cash Manager


Upon receipt, validate Logon ID and password

Campus Representative

If problems are encountered, email CO Cash Manager to log the issue and request assistance.

Obtain Verification Status of Check

The following steps must be completed prior to requesting the check copy through Key Bank’s KTT Web Site.


Role or Responsibility

References or Tips

Determine the status of the check in the Oracle Accounts Payable module.

Campus Representative

Refer to Process Help-Inquiry on Payments.

Verify that the check status is "reconciled" and move on to the following section, Obtain Check Copy.

Campus Representative

If check status is "negotiable", the check has not been cashed and therefore is unavailable to request a copy.

Obtain Check Copy


Role or Responsibility

References or Tips

Logon to the Key Total Treasury Web site

Campus Representative

First time users will be asked to change their password.

Click the Account Management tab

Campus Representative

Check inquiry can also be accessed through the shortcut menu.

Click Check Inquiry

Campus Representative


From the drop-down box, select the Vendor Account Number xxxxxxxx3036.

Campus Representative

Use only this account number.

Complete the form and submit the request.

Campus Representative


Click the blue box link in the View Check column to view an image of the check.

Campus Representative


Click Check Image Listing located directly under Check Inquiry.

Campus Representative


Print to obtain paper copy of check.

Campus Representative



Key Total Treasury (KTT)- The website associated with the Research Foundation’s Corporate Bank accounts with Key Bank.

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December 28, 2016

Updated to comply with procedure format and revised for clarity.



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