Correcting Overexpended Awards, Projects, and Tasks


This document describes the procedure to follow to make the corrections for awards, projects, or tasks that are overspent.

Direct Cost Over Budget Report and Discoverer Queries

Direct Cost Over Budget Report

It is recommended that the RF Direct Cost Over Budget Report be run weekly and appropriate action taken to resolve overexpenditures. For a description of the report and instructions and parameters for running the refer to the document "RF Direct Cost Over Budget Report".

Discoverer Queries

The following queries can be run in the Discoverer Grants Management business area to review overexpenditues:

What To Do If Direct Costs Are Over Budget

Determine the reason for the overexpenditure and determine if any of the following actions are necessary:

Moving Charges

The following table identifies how to move charges to another project, task, award, expenditure type, and/or organization (PTAEO).

If the Overexpenditure is a Result of a . . .


Purchase Order

Change the distribution line.

Invoice Payment

Reverse the original transaction and change the distribution line.

Payroll Charge

Process a labor distribution adjustment which will reverse the charge on the original PTAEO and charge the new PTAEO. Refer to the work instruction Define Distribution Adjustments in the Labor Distribution course "Distribution Adjustments."

System Processes

Required to Clear Overexpenditures Once the overexpenditures have been reviewed and the appropriate actions have been taken to correct the overexpenditures, certain system processes must be run. The following table identifies the processes that need to run:

If the Overexpenditure was for . . .

Required Process


Salary and Wage ACTUALS that have an item date on or prior to the current date

Costing and Funds Checking by Date

Monday - Costing by date using the Friday date of that week.

Tuesday - costing by date using the Friday date of that week

Wednesday - Costing by date using the Friday date of that week

Thursday - Costing by date using the Friday date of that week. This will post the payroll to the grants on payroll weeks.

Friday - Costing by date using the Friday date of that week.

Exception: When month-end falls on a Thursday, the payroll will need to be posted to grants on Friday night, so that it does not get reflected on the grants for the wrong month.

Misc. Transactions or Usages

Costing and Funds Checking on Misc. Transactions and Usages

Runs nightly.

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