Tuition Waiver Policy

Basis for Policy

The State University of New York Board of Trustees adopted a waiver policy for tuition and fees for academic personnel of SUNY and the Research Foundation in SUNY Resolution 63-112 (dated May 19, 1963). A tuition waiver policy was adopted for nonacademic SUNY personnel in SUNY Resolution 63-188 (dated September 12, 1963).

In Research Foundation Board Resolution 65-14 (dated January 20, 1965), the Research Foundation Board of Directors requested the SUNY Board of Trustees modify their resolution (63-188) to include Research Foundation nonacademic personnel in the tuition waiver policy.

The SUNY Board of Trustees, in response to the request, established the policy of tuition assistance providing that up to 100 percent of the cost of tuition and certain fees charged for eligible courses of instruction may be waived for Research Foundation academic and nonacademic personnel by the state-operated campuses of SUNY.

SUNY graduate students who are employed by the Research Foundation are eligible for tuition scholarships and for tuition waiver support under SUNY’s tuition waiver program. In addition, SUNY graduate students who are employed by the Research Foundation may receive tuition support in lieu of compensation where funds have been budgeted in the supporting grant or contract. Support may be requested from federal as well as nonfederal sponsors.


All full-time employees of the Research Foundation are eligible to participate in the State University of New York's tuition waiver program as established by the SUNY Board of Trustees.

Tuition waivers are allowable only for credit-bearing courses of instruction taken at state-operated campuses. The courses of instruction must be directly job related or part of a degree program.

The State University of New York allocates tuition waiver funds directly to each campus. The percentage of the tuition waiver is determined by the funds available and the number of employees who are applying. The actual level of support may be less than 100 percent of tuition charges. In these cases, the employee is responsible for the balance of tuition and fees.

In addition to the tuition waiver program provided by the University, project directors may provide direct tuition support to sponsored program employees if the project director determines that appropriate grant funds are available.

Each operating location may elect to provide tuition support for Research Foundation-employed graduate students through SUNY’s tuition scholarship and waiver programs and through an educational assistance program.


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