Salary Rules and Policies for Promotions, Demotions and Transfers

Policy: Promotions

The Research Foundation (RF) encourages the promotion of an employee to a position of greater responsibility when the employee's performance demonstrates the ability to accomplish the increased duties required by the position.


All promotions should include a salary increase. The salary increase must be within the appropriate salary range for the position title in accordance with the RF's Salary Plan, which is located in the Salaries and Wages procedure group in the Employees: Personnel Administration business area.

Any salary increase must be


For a regular promotion, the assignment of an employee to a higher position title and salary grade must be made on the basis of job-related qualifications and must include a permanent and demonstrable increase in the employee's duties. For an in-grade promotion (see glossary definition for promotion, in-grade) the new position must involve a substantial, identifiable increase in the employee's duties and responsibilities.


Exceptions to this policy may be made on an individual basis, but must be consistent with each operating location's affirmative action plan.

Policy: Demotions

The RF allows for involuntary demotions of its employees when it is determined this action is necessary and allows employees to take a voluntary demotion for personal reasons or to avoid being laid off due to a reduction-in-force. Demotions of RF employees must be consistent with the operating location's RF affirmative action plan.

Salaries for employees who are demoted to a grade within a lower salary range may be

Monitoring Salary Levels

The RF Oracle business system computer reports "RF Salaries Above the Max Grade Range" and "RF Salaries Below the Min Grade Range" are used to monitor salaries. These reports may be used to determine when an employee's salary level is above the grade maximum or below the minimum requirements. Pay rates outside the grade range will be monitored by operating locations.

Policy: Lateral Transfers

The RF allows an employee to apply for a transfer to a vacant position. A transfer can also occur based on funding considerations and program needs.

Salary Increases

A salary increase is not required for an employee who transfers from a position in one department to a position at the same level in another department.

However, an employee who is transferring from a position in one department to a position in another department through an in-grade promotion will receive a salary increase. For more information on in-grade promotions, refer to the Policy: Promotions section above, and to the Procedures and Guidance document on Promotions.


Exceptions to this policy may be made on an individual basis but must be consistent with each operating location's affirmative action plan.

Salary Adjustment Factors

When making salary adjustment decisions, it is important to consider

Oracle Information Change Form

The Oracle Information Change Form must be completed for all promotions, demotions, and transfers. The project director (or co-project director) and the operations manager or designee must sign and date the form to indicate that the salary criteria conform with RF and sponsor policy.

Note: Employees are not required to sign or date the Oracle Information Change Form when the form is completed for a promotion, demotion, or transfer.

Entering Information into the RF Business System

An employee's promotion, demotion, or transfer information should be entered into the RF business system.


Operating Locations

The Research Foundation operations manager is responsible for



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