Transfer of Sponsored Projects Policy


The transfer of sponsored projects to another institution is permitted as long as the transfer is in accordance with sponsor policy.

Note: For transfer of a project from one SUNY campus to another, an account at the campus to which the project is transferred will not be established until all administrative processes set forth in this policy have been completed.

Approval Requirement

The Research Foundation (RF) requires approval from the operations manager.

Documentation Standards

Approvals must be in writing and be maintained on file.

Equipment transfer approval must be documented on the Property Status Change Request form.


This policy identifies the following responsibilities as assigned to those cited below.



Operations Manager

Approval of transfer

Project Director

  • Notify the department chairperson and campus Sponsored Programs office when contemplating a transfer.
  • Arrange for the new institution to accept the transferred project.

Campus Administration

  • Comply with sponsor policies by submitting to the sponsor required information regarding the transfer, with a copy to the Office of Sponsored Program Services administrator.
  • Process all appropriate expenditures prior to the date of transfer.
  • Insure that sponsor and RF policies are followed for the transfer of equipment.
  • Obtain approval of the operations manager.

    Note: RF Administrator contact is not required for decentralized campuses.


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Property Management

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April 2, 2010

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Responsible Party: Office of Sponsored Programs Administration
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