Cost Transfer Policy

Effective Date:

December 26, 2014


Transfer of Costs Policy

Policy Review Date:

3 years

Issuing Authority:

Research Foundation President

Responsible Party:

Robert Mason, Senior Director Grants & Contracts Administration

Contact Information:

Justine Gordon, Director Grants & Contracts Administration


Reason for Policy

Expenditures should be charged to the appropriate award when they are incurred. If it is necessary to transfer expenditures to a different sponsored award for approved circumstances, the cost transfer should occur within 90 days of when that need is identified.

Statement of Policy

A cost transfer reassigns expenditures that were previously recorded in one award to another award. The award to which a cost is transferred must benefit from the goods or services related to that charge, and the charge should be allowable under sponsor guidelines.

This policy is based on requirements in Office of Management and Budget’s (OMB) 2 CFR Part 200 that costs must be allowable, reasonable, necessary and allocable. Generally, a cost allocable to a sponsored award may not be charged to another sponsored award in order to overcome fund deficiencies, to avoid restrictions imposed by statute, regulations or terms and conditions, or for other reasons.

Allowable Circumstances

Examples of circumstances when costs may be transferred include:


The transfer of cost must be approved by the Operations Manager (OM) or authorized designee and documented before being processed in the Research Foundation’s business system. The person(s) preparing or processing the cost transfer may not approve the cost transfer.


Documentation to support cost transfers must be maintained pursuant to the RF Records Management Policy and 2 CFR Part 200 and be available for audit or other review and should include a full description of why the charge is appropriate for the award to which it is being transferred as well as the OM or designee approval. Exceptions to the policy may be warranted under unusual circumstances.


The following table outlines the responsibilities for compliance with this Policy:

Responsible Party


Operations Manager or designee

Responsible for oversight and amangement of implementation of this policy at campus locations.

Campus and Central Office staff members who initiate, process, review, approve or record cost transfers on behalf of the RF

Responsible for administering this policy.

RF Central Office

Responsible for maintaining, evaluating and periodically updating this policy as needed.



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On or after December 26, 2014, 2 CFR Part 200 is effective and applies to all new awards issued. Funding awarded prior to this date and/or incremental funding may still be governed by OMB Circular A-21, A-110 or A-133, depending on the awarding agency’s specific terms and conditions.

Change History


Summary of Change

December 26, 2014

Updated for implementation of 2 CFR Part 200. Changed titel to Cost Transfer from Transfer of Costs.

June 30, 2014

Complete revision of existing policy.



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