Policy on Publications of Research Activities


This document provides the policy on publication of research activities of the Research Foundation of State University of New York.


The June 1, 1977, Agreement between State University of New York (SUNY) and the Research Foundation states that "the Foundation shall, as far as may be practicable and in conformance with the Foundation's objectives of furthering the conduct of sponsored programs within the University, be consistent with administrative policies applicable to the University." In accordance with the Agreement, the Research Foundation has adopted the SUNY Policy on Unrestricted Dissemination of Research Activities as its own publication policy.

Policy of State University of New York

The SUNY Board of Trustees approved a policy regarding unrestricted disclosure of research activities (Policy on Unrestricted Dissemination of Research Activities) on September 8, 1966.

The SUNY Board Resolution (66-258) reads as follows:

"RESOLVED, that any research or research-related programs conducted by personnel of State University of New York, carried out in State-operated universities or colleges or on State University controlled premises shall be unrestricted as to the dissemination publicly of the conduct, progress and results of such research or research-related programs; and be it further

RESOLVED, that any projects which might be considered justifiable exceptions to this policy or might require review because of extenuating factors shall be submitted to this Board of Trustees for review and final decision."

The SUNY Board of Trustees amended the policy on March 26, 2002, to authorize the Chancellor or designee to approve justifiable exceptions to the policy on a case-by-case basis for the purpose of protecting state and national security and require periodic reporting to the Board on the nature and number of exceptions approved.

Research Foundation Adoption of SUNY Policy

The Research Foundation Board of Directors adopted the foregoing policy by resolution BD66-65 on December 21, 1966.

Relative to requests for exceptions, the Research Foundation uses the process set forth in the March 26, 2002, amendment.



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