Employee Orientation

Types of Information to be Provided

Employee orientation programs must provide the following kinds of information:

Job-Related Information

Information the employee needs to do the job includes:

General Employment and Organizational Information

General information includes:

When Orientation Should Take Place

The operating location’s orientation procedure must ensure that employees receive the specified material within 60 days of the hire date, unless otherwise specified (e.g., by law the I-9 must be completed within 3 days after the employee begins work; see Employment Eligibility Policy)

Who Performs Orientation

The office or person responsible for administering Research Foundation personnel matters normally provides general employment and organizational information.

This office or person is responsible for providing the employee with the general information specified in Employee Orientation Materials to be Provided to New Employees.

The employee’s supervisor or other staff members within the employee’s department normally provide job-related information.

How Orientation Should Be Implemented

The person or persons responsible for orientation at the operating location should:

Certification of Receipt

Operating locations should document that new employees have received the required materials regarding their employment with the Research Foundation.

This may be done by using the New Employee Orientation Checklist or the Summer SUNY Faculty Checklist. When using the form, follow these steps:




Check the items being provided to the employee.


Go over the list with the employee during orientation.


Request that the employee sign the certification statement.


Retain the original signed copy in the employee’s personnel file.


Provide the employee with a copy of the signed checklist.

Providing Benefits Information

For additional information on providing benefits information and materials to employees, refer to the following documents in Benefits Administration:

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