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Guideline Recommendations

This document may be used as a guideline for documenting purchasing and accounts payable activity on Research Foundation administered projects.

Purchasing and Supplier (Vendor) Files

Files(s) containing supplier (vendor) and purchasing documentation must be maintained at operating locations. Operating locations are encouraged to maintain files on an award basis. Operating locations can also maintain additional files such as files for specific suppliers (vendors).

Note: Operating locations can combine purchasing and supplier records with accounts payable records in a supplier record file.

Disclosure of Purchasing Documentation

Office of Management and Budget Circular A-110 requires that procurement documents (e.g., solicitations) be made available upon request when certain conditions exist. Refer to section .44e in A-110 Excerpts - Procurement Standards for specific conditions and requirements.

Documentation Guidelines

Each operating location is responsible for the development and maintenance of records that document procurement and payment activity. While the content and structure of the file(s) may vary at individual operating locations, these records should include sufficient and relevant purchasing and payment documentation to support decisions made or actions taken. Depending on the type of expenditure and/or dollar amount, there may be additional documentation necessary for compliance with federal and sponsor requirements. Refer to the "Additional Information" section of this document.

Purchasing Documentation

Purchasing documentation should include the following:

Payment Documentation

Payment documentation should include:

Solicitation Documentation

Documentation for all solicitations should generally include the same information, with additional requirements for the solicitation of sealed bids or proposals.

Verbal Bids or Proposals

Documentation for the solicitation of verbal bids or proposals should include the following:

Written Bids or Proposals

Documentation for the solicitation of written bids or proposals should include the same information as that required for verbal bids or proposals, which should be found in copies of the solicitation and vendor responses.

Sealed Bids or Proposals

Documentation for the solicitation of sealed bids or proposals should include the same information as that required for written bids or proposals, with the following additional requirements:

Additional Documentation

Certain types of expenditures have additional review and documentation requirements. The following table identifies types of expenditures and indicates where additional information on the topic can be found:

Fore more information on. . .

Refer to . . .

Miscellaneous Income

Requirements for Miscellaneous Income Payments to U.S. Citizens and Resident Aliens

Independent Contractors

Engaging Independent Contractors


Honoraria Policy

RF-owned vehicles

Personal Use of Research Foundation Vehicles

Record Retention

Refer to Record Retention: Account Expenditure Records for policy and guidelines on record retention.

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