Disposition Procedures for Lost, Stolen, or Damaged Property


This document describes the disposition procedure used when property has been lost, stolen, or damaged beyond repair.


Property that is lost, stolen, or damaged (by accident or vandalism) must be reported. If an accident occurs during the normal project performance, there is no requirement for reporting to the Security Office. If an accident occurs as a result of outside influences, then the Security Office must be notified. An investigator sent from that office will, with help from the project director and the property control office, file a report. The report is retained by the property office and a copy is sent to the Office of Legal Affairs. If the property was sponsor owned and if their guidelines so request, a report must be sent in timely manner (within 30 days) to the sponsor informing it of the loss or damage and its cause.

Associated Costs

Any cost associated with the repair or removal of damaged property is the responsibility of the operating location.

Documenting Loss

All losses of property must be documented on the Property Status Change Request Form, F110, or a location designed equivalent. They must also be recorded in the sponsor's account file.

Disposition Procedure

In the case of property damaged beyond repair, its PCS record is retired as soon as possible. In the case of lost or stolen property, the records may be retired immediately or may remain active until the next full inventory (in the hope that the property will be recovered). At that time, if the property has not been recovered, the procedure described in the following table should be followed.




For damaged property, identify the asset number from the decal. For lost and stolen property, retrieve the asset number by searching the PCS location or account fields. If the property was insured, its asset number will also be recorded by the Office of Legal Affairs. Project directors can aid in this retrieval process if they can specify information that will help in the search process (acquisition date, location, account for purchase, etc.).


Code lost and stolen property in the PCS Status field as "unaccountable" and destroyed property as "damaged beyond repair." Use the PCS User Manual to select the appropriate code for each incident.


Retire the property record by completing a PCS Retirement Transaction for damaged property.


Operating Locations

The Research Foundation operations manager is responsible for ensuring that



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