Guidance on Hiring Retired SUNY Employees


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Hiring Retired SUNY Employees Policy

Effective Date:

March 15, 2013


Guideline Recommendations

There are times when a retired SUNY employee may be hired by the Research Foundation in order to meet critical business operational need. Requests to hire a retired SUNY employee to the RF should be carefully reviewed and documented as outlined in the Hiring Retired SUNY Employees policy and kept in appropriate HR files.

The documentation requirements in the policy help avoid a perception that hiring a SUNY retiree by the RF is done solely to circumvent the earnings limitation. An example that may cause such a perception is a SUNY employee who retires and is hired by the RF without a break in service to the exact same position, department, and operating unit and makes more than the salary threshold allowed in the SUNY guidelines.

When documenting critical business operational need as outlined in the Hiring Retired SUNY Employees policy, examples may include but are not limited to:

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Hiring Retired SUNY Employees Policy

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