Communication with Applicants and Offers of Employment Policy


In addition to the official appointment letter that must be provided to each new employee of the Research Foundation (RF), an operating location's recruitment procedures may include communication with applicants as well as verbal and written offers of employment.


All communication with applicants and offers of employment (verbal and written) must be consistent with funding and sponsor rules, RF policy, and legal requirements. When offers of employment are made, applicants must be made aware that employment with the Research Foundation is subject to the availability of funds and program needs and that there is no expressed or implied guarantee of employment retention.

An offer of RF employment is contingent on the prospective employee providing documentation that establishes proof of identity and of eligibility to work in the United States.

Communication with Applicants

The Research Foundation uses a standard employment application form at all locations. The standard form

Offers of Employment

Offers of employment must follow the guidelines provided in the following blocks:

Content of All Offers

An offer of employment (verbal or written) with the Research Foundation must convey the following information:


All project directors and supervisors at operating locations must be provided with the guidelines for content of offers of employment as outlined above.

Preparation of Written Offers

Any written offer of employment must be prepared on RF stationery.

Review of Written Offers

Operating locations that use a written letter offering employment must establish a procedure for the review of that letter to ensure that it is consistent with RF policy. This review should occur before mailing a letter to an applicant. When this review is not practical, provisions may be made for an after-the-fact review by those involved in the recruitment process.

If an after-the-fact review indicates that the offer of employment was not consistent with RF policy, the conflict must be resolved prior to appointment approval. The RF operations manager or designee must resolve these conflicts to ensure that they are handled by the appropriate level of authority.

Retention of Written Offers

A copy of a letter offering employment must be forwarded to the office that handles personnel matters at the location and retained in the employee's personnel file.



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