Establishing Policies and Procedures Policy

Effective Date:



Creating and Maintaining RF Policies, Process, Procedures and Guidelines

Policy Review Date:

July 1, 2015

Issuing Authority:

Research Foundation President

Policy Owner:

Joshua B. Toas, Chief Compliance Officer

Contact Information:

(518) 434-7145

Reason for Policy

This policy establishes the required process by which policies, procedures, and guidelines are developed, reviewed, and maintained. Establishing this policy reduces corporate risk by setting behavioral expectations (requirements) across the Research Foundation (RF) enterprise and communicating roles and responsibilities as well as promoting consistency, efficiency, and transparency.

Statement of Policy

RF corporate policies are created to implement a Board resolution, achieve compliance with laws, rules, or regulations, or address a risk to the organization. Policy owners must consult with those impacted by the Policy during the development phase of new or revised Policies, Procedures, or Guidelines and follow the procedures Create or Update Policies or Create or Update Procedures and Guidelines as appropriate. Exceptions to the processes outlined in these procedures can be authorized by a representative of the Compliance Office. The RF President must approve corporate policies. The board, when applicable, may enact resolutions to establish policy or direct management to enact policy consistent with their resolution.


Changes to policies, procedures, and guidelines exempt from these processes are:

Campus Policies, Procedures, and Guidelines

Individual operating locations may develop local policies, procedures or guidelines under the following conditions:

Campuses referencing RF corporate policies or procedures on their campus websites must use links to the RF website where practicable rather than posting actual documents to ensure use of the most current version of the policy or procedure.

Policy Review

Policy owners must periodically review and monitor their policies, procedures and guidelines for accuracy, efficiency, and effectiveness. Monitoring and enforcement activities are expected to be appropriate for the level of risk managed.


The following table outlines the responsibilities for compliance with this policy:

Responsible Party


RF President

Approval authority for all policies

Leadership Team

Based on Management Council and policy owner input, advises President to approve or reject policy. Members can act as a sponsor for policy, supporting the function owner through the process.

Compliance Office

Maintains oversight and responsibility for governance and infrastructure for this policy and associated procedures. Reviews policies and procedures to ensure criteria for each is met.

Enterprise Compliance Team

Reviews corporate policies to ensure consistency and clarity, ensures plan for communication to other stakeholders is adequate and provides recommendations to function owners regarding policy wording. Provide updates to other campus colleagues as appropriate.

Management Council

Comprised of the President’s executive staff, this group reviews corporate policies to provide an institutional perspective and advises the RF President on the policy impact to the organization. Recommends policy for approval to the President’s Council.

Policy Owner

Draft or update policy and procedures with stakeholders (both customer and legal) prepare communication and roll out plan, administer policies and procedures and perform scheduled review and assessment of policies in their function.


Policy: Governing rule or principle that requires or prohibits conduct.

Procedures: Required steps to implement or comply with a related policy.

Guidelines: Optional steps outlining suggested ways to perform a function or adhere to a policy or procedure.

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