Proxy Certifier Training


Proxy certifiers from campuses that use this designation should review the curriculum on this page for help with certifying effort for another person using the Research Foundation's (RF) effort reporting electronic tool--Effort Certification and Reporting Technology (ecrt).


Note: The decision to designate proxy certifiers to certify effort on behalf of another individual is a campus-by-campus decision and not all campuses use proxy certifiers, e.g., University at Buffalo.

Effort Reporting Essentials for Proxy Certifiers & Restricted Effort Coordinator

Provides an overview of effort certification compliance, including: roles and responsibilities, training curriculum, effort certification compliance overview, the effort certification process, the data in ecrt, glossary of terms and definitions, and effort statement statuses.

Introduction to Effort Reporting Tool Video (approximately 12 minutes)

Demonstrates the RF’s new effort reporting electronic tool—ecrt. The video includes navigating the tool, understanding the electronic effort statement and tools available to understand the data used to create the effort statement.

See alsoGuidance document with screenshots

Certify Effort as a Proxy Certifier Video (approximately 4.5 minutes)

Demonstrates how a proxy certifier will certify effort for another person in ecrt.

See also: "How To" Document

Effort Statement Statuses

Provides the effort statement status names that are used in ecrt.

Glossary of Terms

Lists common terms used in ecrt and their definitions.



Contact your campus effort reporting administrator or email