RF Employee W-2 Information

Tax Information

Get important information about:

  • Your income taxation status
  • Your pay
  • Actions you may need to take if you are a non U.S. citizen

Go Green

Did you know you can go green and opt out of receiving a printed W-2? You may change your preferences by accessing the ‘My Contact Information’ section, then click the ‘Update’ button under Basic Details.

At calendar year end the RF creates and distributes a W-2 Wage and Tax Statement to employees. The W-2 reports the taxable wages and the taxes withheld.

Your W-2 is usually available online January 25 (or five days before they are mailed - whichever is earlier). The RF must mail W-2s by January 31.

If you do not receive a printed copy for any reason, your W-2 is available in HR Self Service and you are able to view and print the form.

  • A Non U.S. Citizen claiming income tax treaty exemption? If you are a non U.S. citizen, eligible and claimed income tax treaty exemption with appropriate IRS forms, then you will receive a 1042-S Foreign Person's U.S. Source Income Subject to Withholding.  Treaties may have limits; therefore it is also possible that you may receive both a W-2 (taxable payments) and 1042-S reporting. The RF must mail 1042-S forms by March 15.

Problem? If you find an item or error that affects your W-2 and 1042-S, contact the RF office that handles human resources/payroll matters as soon as possible to determine if a corrected form needs to be issued.