Strategic Plan

‌SUNY Excels - Inquiry and Engagement

The Research Foundation plans for the next three years support Inquiry and Engagement - two of the five priority areas SUNY has identified to improve upon by channeling systemness:

1) Access 2) Completion 3) Success 4) Inquiry 5) Engagement

  • Inquiry: SUNY as a system encourages and facilitates basic and applied research for the creation and dissemination of knowledge vital for continued human, scientific, technological, and economic advancement. As a result, we seeks to increase external investment in SUNY research in order to continue to increase the level of confidence external entities have in SUNY as a system, its institutions, faculty, and programs.

  • Engagement: SUNY's economic, societal, and cultural impact on New York State and beyond is a direct result of our engagement and sharing of expertise with the business, agricultural, governmental, labor, and nonprofit sectors of the state. We strengthen and grow these relationships in order to enhance the well-being of the people of the state of New York, the health of local economies, and quality of life for New Yorkers. By translating innovation into new ideas, products, devices, services, and businesses, New York's communities and society at large will benefit. 

SUNY Research Innovation & Strategy 

Annual Operating Plan

Our annual Operating Plan lays out the work for the year and the core business activities that advance our strategic goals and directly support our campuses. 

2016-2017 Projects and Programs

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Master Timeline 

View  RF and SUNY events, meetings, and project milestones for 2016-2017.


Key Performance Indicators

Our Key Performance Indicator (KPI) dashboard displays fiscal year data and trends, allowing campus and RF leadership to chart an informed course of action and make course corrections whenever needed.

The KPIs are drillable charts and tables organized by Strategic Goals:

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