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Strategic Plan

Envisioning our Future

A new Strategic Plan for the RF is underway! This exciting work harnesses the voices of over 300 RF staff at SUNY campuses and the Central Office in Albany.  Check back here often for updates and a final plan in May.  

What are the Issues?

1. What does the RF need to change to ensure it is a leader in research administration?

2. Are there services or infrastructure the RF can provide to SUNY beyond what it current provides (e.g., sponsored programs administration, commercialization, HR/Payroll, etc.)? Are there services or infrastructure the RF does not need to provide? Are there additional stakeholders who can utilize the services and infrastructure? 

3. Given the RF infrastructure is set up to administer federal awards efficiently, what does the RF need to change to accommodate the evolving mix of sponsored activities? Does the business model need to change? If so, how?

Why Now?

The RF last completed an approved Strategic Plan in 2009.  With key senior management changes: a new Vice Chancellor for Research and Economic Development who is setting a strategy at SUNY System, a new President of the RF, and a new Chancellor - one who is a researcher and entrepreneur – plus a new funding landscape for campuses, it is time to assess the RF’s environment and think about the RF’s strategic direction.

The RF’s strategic planning process will ensure that we respond to changes in our environment; including staying connected to SUNY’s strategic direction for research and innovation.  Our process was designed to be very inclusive, actively engaging all stakeholder groups across the organization.

Our process will examine:

  • where the organization is currently
  • where we want the organization to be in five years

The plan will include:

  • Goals/Key Performance Indicators – We will identify where we want to go over the next five years and how we’ll measure our progress.
  • Strategies – We will identify how we plan to achieve our goals over the next five years.
  • Action Steps – We will identify exactly what we need to do to implement the plan in one-year increments

Finally, through strategy implementation, we will get from where we are today to where we want to be in five years.

Strategic Planning Team

Mary Beth Curtain Binghamton 
Scott Goodman Buffalo State
Venu Govindaraju University at Buffalo
Greg O'Connor Farmingdale
Christina Orsi University at Buffalo
Rich Reeder Stony Brook
Sheila Routh Stony Brook
Jennifer Rudes  Upstate
Scott Tenenbaum SUNY Poly
Theresa Walker University at Albany
Joe Porter SUNY System
Eileen McLoughlin SUNY System
Grace Wang SUNY System
Chris Ashley RF CO
Kathleen Caggiano-Siino RF CO
Jeff Cheek RF CO
Heather Hage RF CO
Emily Kunchala RF CO
John Paris RF CO
Joshua Toas RF CO

Role of the Strategic Planning Team - Six Step Process

  1. Clarify organizational mandates, mission, and values
  2. Assess the external and internal environments to identify strengths, and assess weaknesses, opportunities, and threats
  3. Identify strategic issues facing the organization
  4. Formulate strategies to manage the issues
  5. Establish an effective organizational vision
  6. Review and adopt the Strategic Plan

Outcomes to Date

  • Stakeholder Meetings
  • Strategic Questions
  • Mission Vision Values
  • SWOT Exercise
  • RF Vision Sketch
  • Highs and Lows

Timeline/What's next?

  • February – Draft Plan
  • March/April – OM Retreat
  • April – Spring in-person stakeholder group meetings – plan implementation workshop ?
  • May – BoD approval 5/8 -5/9

How can I get involved?

  • Attend a Strategic Plan FB Live or Virtual Town Hall in the spring
  • One-on-one conversation with Ellen Kelly, strategic plan project manager
  • Attend your RF stakeholder group calls and meetings in the months ahead – all will feature Strategic Planning exercises.