myRF Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: Why are we implementing a new internal website?

A: The new RF Intranet is being implemented to:

  • Provide efficient access to tools and information users need to do their jobs.
  • New features and functionality that will facilitate collaboration across campus groups and locations.
  • Retire the current antiquated technology (Oracle Portal) and reduce operating costs.  

A: Does the new internal website have a name?

A: Yes, in keeping with industry standards and the way many campuses identify their Intranets, the new site will be called MyRF.


Q: I’ve heard the terms “SharePoint” and “Collaboration Platform” used. What do they mean?

A: These terms refer to the technology and functionality related to MyRF:

  • Microsoft SharePoint - A web application framework and platform on which the new site will be built.

  • Collaboration Platform – Describes new functionality that will allow faculty, researchers and administrators to collaborate in new ways. This is also the name of the project to implement MyRF.

Q: Does SharePoint replace Oracle Portal?

A: Yes. Oracle Portal is the technology used to deliver the current RF Intranet and SharePoint will be the tool to replace Oracle Portal and deliver MyRF.

Q: Will all the content that is on the current Intranet be moved to the new Intranet?

A: Content owners at Central Office will be review their content on the current Intranet in the coming weeks. With input from campus audiences, we will determine if content should be:

    1. Moved to the public website if there is no risk to publicly posting content so it is accessible without a login.  
    2. Moved to the MyRF because there is risk to posting the content publicly or content can be customized and enhanced based on who logs in to use it.
    3. Deleted because it is no longer relevant or useful.

Q: What will I be able to do that I can’t do now?

A: Some of the new functionality and features of MyRF include:

    • Unified communication methods:
      • Email
      • Instant Messaging
      • Videoconference
      • Voice-Over-IP
    • Role-based access
    • Workflows
    • Personalized homepage
    • Project Websites
    • Department websites
    • SUNY Networks of Excellence collaboration site
    • Social networking features

Q: When will MyRF be available? 

A: Select Collaboration Project and Pre-Award and Compliance System (PACS) Project team members are already using MyRF to collaborate on projects. 

Pilot users have had access since March 2015. Total users accessing MyRF will increase throughout April and May with the addition of more pilot user groups and additional releases of functionality.

As usage increases, content from the old RF Intranet will be migrated to MyRF. For a period of time, the old RF Intranet and MyRF will both be available until all content is migrated and Oracel Portal is shut down.

Q: How will I access MyRF?

A: As you experience today, several options will exist for logging into MyRF:

  1. Login from the RF Public website ( in the top left navigation of all screens. Please note the name of the button will change from Login to MyRF.
  2. Links from campus websites. We will work with campuses to ensure that link from campus sites to Intranet locations are updated when MyRF is rolled out.
  3. Bookmarks on your computer. Please be aware that you will need to update bookmarks to for the RF Intranet homepage or to individual pages within the site.

Q: Will my username and password to access the new Intranet be the same as it is now?

A: Through single sign-on functionality, they will remain the same.