Garret Kinne

Business Analyst, RF Central Office


photo of Garrett Kinne

Mentored By:  Chris Wade, Central Office

Why I want to be a Protege:

"Looking to improve public speaking skills, interact with other RF employees from different backgrounds and experiences in order to gain a better understanding of the RF as a whole."

Personal Statement:

"With 15 years at the RF I have had the opportunity to work in Finance, Sponsored Programs, and Information Services. In those roles I have worked directly with individuals from HR and Internal Audit so I have had a wide exposure to other departments which has allowed me to get know a lot of individuals outside of my current department. It is always good to gain perspective from individuals with different roles and backgrounds to become more informed and well rounded."


"Improve my skill set to better support departmental initiatives. Be considered for promotional opportunities. Become a valued employee of the RF."

Contact information: